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Phrygia : ; Aizanoi: ; Hierapolis: 4. Pisidia : Pednelissos: Lykia : Arykanda: Cyprus: 9. Kommagene : 3; Doliche: Israel-Palestine : Jerusalem: Egypt : Kyrene : Agathos Daimon : Amphiaraos : Aphrodite : Apollon : Ares : Artemis : 2. Asklepios : Athena : Auxesia : Boreas : Charites : Chiron : Damia : Demeter : 2. Dionysos : 1.

Dioskouroi : Enyalios : Erinyes : Ge : Kourotrophos 57? Eukleia : Eunomia : Hades : Dekter 70?. Hagne Thea : Hekate : Helios : Hephaistos : Hera : Herakles : 6. Hermes: Hosia Dikaia : Hosios : 2. Hosios kai Dikaios : Hydreios : Hygieia : Iupiter Dolichenus : Kore : 2. Kores : Kybele: Leto : Megaloi Theoi : Mes: Meter : Makaria Hosia Dikaia Meter Oreia : Meter Theon : 2. Moira : Mousai : Nemesis : Nymphs : Pan Plouton : 2. Poseidon : Erechtheus 23; Gaiaochos Prometheus : ?.

Rhome : Tauros : Xanthos : Zeus : 2. Acheilara et al. EBGR , ]. Adak — N.

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If not otherwise stated, the inscriptions date to the 2nd and 3rd cent. A man who served three times as high priest and occupied among other offices those of the agonothetes at his own expense and the sebastophantes , paid the cost of an honorific statue for his dead son, who was honored by the council and the people 2 [on the office of the sebastophantes see EBGR , ]. A priest of Titus made a dedication to this emperor 6; ca An agonothetes dedicated an altar The grave epigram for the poet Glykon praises him for his piety 17 [for an improved edition see G.

Staab , supra , p.

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This epigram is almost identical to I. EBGR , 1]. They consist of four dedications 1, , one record of divine punishment 2 , and 18 katagraphai dedications of slaves; Except for a Hellenistic dedication 1 , the inscriptions seem to date to the 2nd and 3rd cent. For a particular case of the erection of sceptres not near tombs, but in sanctuaries as symbols of divine power cf. Chaniotis , infra no. Eleusis On the relief, she identifies the man on the left as Paramonos, and the larger libating male figure on the right as Dionysos. SEG XI The agoranomos of the thiasos was probably responsible for the festival cf.

A dedication of a civic agoranomos to Dionysos is attested in Dion C. Artemis may have been the goddess who calms the winds cf. The text reports that the thirty-year old Charo died during labor, leaving grief to her mother, husband, and children. The identity of the son of Zeus is not clear: Hermes, typically regarded as psychopompos e. The list gives the name of the agonothetes Ismenias and the winners of the following competitions: trumpeter, herald, epic poet, rhapsode, auletes , kitharistes , kitharodos , and satyr poet The epigraphic finds consist of graffiti and dedications to Herakles and possibly to Megara, his wife.

Assuming that the Greek version was written first, A. Histriae ; I. According to a Milesian tradition, Didyma is the place where Zeus had sexual intercourse with Leto Syll. From Didyma, the cult was introduced to the Milesian colonies along the Black Sea.

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The cult of Leto is indirectly attested in the Megarian colonies of Byzantion and Chersonesos in Tauris, where there was a month named after her Latoios. But this seems to be a late development, independent of the Didymean cult and its Lykian origin. Avram — I. Bol — U. Schollmeyer eds , Kult ur kontakte. Akten der Table Ronde in Mainz vom Their catalogue of inscriptions consists of dedications to Apollon ; no. The catalogue includes an unpublished dedication to Leto on behalf of a priestess of Artemis Pythie 24 [or possibly by the priestess on behalf of her children] and a dedication to Apollon a graffito on an Attic vase , known only from a preliminary publication [ SEG LV 3 ].

The cult of this triad must have been introduced to Histria from Miletos. The cult of Apollon dates back to the late Archaic period. Baker — G. The text refers to a templum A[- -] and mentions some sort of intervention by a man with a Roman name a magistrate? This may have been a temple of Asklepios A[esculapii] , but other restorations of a divine name after templum are possible. The last lines mention the treasurers of the other gods in connection with the inscribing of the decree 9f.

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It seems that the treasurers gods provided the money e. If this is the case, then the Athenian assembly did not issue the decree. The text shows that in the late 4th cent. A man made a dedication to Aphrodite 2, 1st cent. The text consists of 12 fragmentary lines. The victims of the curse are several individuals, who are supposed not to act or speak against other individuals. The formulaic nature of the text, the low number of mistakes, and the general appearance suggest that the defixio is the work of a professional.

Among the ca 40 magical inscriptions from Pannonia, only five are in Latin. Orphic features include the material gold , the use of the tablet in a funerary context, the Thessalian origin, and the deities mentioned in the tablet: Demeter, Meter Oreia, and — according to B. With this text, an initiate addresses Persephone in order to obtain the privileged position reserved for the initiates in the underworld. BCE that commemorates the dedication of an andron [for banquets] to Artemia Astias by Eupolemos a local dynast or an officer of Kassandros.

pierreducalvet.ca/72452.php The dedication was made as a tithe dekate. Blok — S. The evidence confirms S. Although priests of the gene seem to have been appointed from a more restricted pool of candidates, B.

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The A. Boshnakov ed. Observing that the texts on the obverse and the reverse must be interconnected, she argues that the text was a prosodion sung during a procession; the sequence of letters on the obverse constitute musical notation — the earliest evidence for a system of vocal and instrumental notation.

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Bonnet — S. Ribichini — D. Steuernagel eds , Religioni in Contatto nel Mediterraneo Antico. According to B. The epigram somehow links cremation with some kind of beatified state cf. AP VII, ; it is associated with the well-attested concept of celestial immortality cf.

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CEG 10, , Gronewald — H. Sextillius Pollio and C. Ofillius Proculus, leading members of the conventus of Roman citizens in Ephesos late 1st cent. CE , were found near the Artemision. An inscribed urn preserves a grave epigram for the slave Hyllos. Rasmussen — S. Rasmussen eds , Religion and Society. An inscription from Herakleia on Latmos quotes an oracle of Apollon of Didyma? The abandonment of a system of life-long priesthoods in favor of annually elected priests is also attested elsewhere, e.

Lindos The sale of priesthoods and the appointment of priests by lot were also criticized by Dionysios of Halikarnassos Roman Antiquities II, 21, 3. An edict of P. Fabius Persicus I. Ephesos 18, ca 44 CE also reveals the negative aspects of the sale of priesthoods for the civic finances.

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  • The governor tried to prevent them, not by abolishing this practice but by limiting the financial advantages for the bidders. Cantarelli et al. Indagini geostoriche, storiografiche, topografiche e archeologiche , Soveria Mannelli, , p. The site of Agios Georgios in Melitaia, where at least four cult buildings have been identified, is where, according to the myth, Aspalis hung herself.